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How to choose a painting

We have a different public acrylic class on the calendar each day of the week, every week, with a pre-selected painting. If you are registering for a public acrylic class, please do so from our calendar page. The following paintings will be helpful to you if you are planning a private event

Certified Bob Ross class paintings

 We do twice-monthly 6 hour public Bob Ross Oil painting classes with a pre-selected painting, taught by a Certified Ross Instructor (CRI). Bob Ross classes cost more than our regular acrylic paint parties, yet the results can be very rewarding. Click HERE to see our Bob Ross Gallery

Watercolor classes

We teach watercolors approximately once per month, usually on a Saturday morning.  We create new art every time! These are some of the watercolor classes we have done in the past. 

Daily 2 hour acrylic class paintings

Our regular 2 hour, paint party classes use acrylic paints, which dry in minutes. If your computer is having trouble loading the full gallery, you can look in the following sub-categories instead. In each class, you may choose to paint on a 16x20, 12x24 or 18x18 inch canvas, a travel sized canvas, or a wooden mini-pallet (just ask a staff member before your class begins).

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