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Paint-at-Home Kits Only $20!

pizza box easel.JPG
Mindy Neel painting.jpg

Our art kits are available in small numbers anytime. If you would like to purchase enough to do a home party, please email us at to order the number you need. 


Each Canvas Painting Kit includes: 

  • One 12x16 white canvas.

  • 5 one-ounce cups of paint -- white, black, blue, red and yellow (mixable to make other colors)

  • paper plate to use as palette

  • a few napkins

  • brush set in various sizes

  • plastic cup for water jar

  • plastic disposable apron

  • shipped in a large pizza box 

  • instructions for making pizza box into an easel 

  • For canvas events, choose one painting from our website "Art Gallery" tab for step-by-step live virtual demonstration: 

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