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Fundraisers are our passion!

We care about our community! We host-in-studio fundraisers for "educational, scientific or charitable" 501C-3 non-profit organizations which are consistent with our community values of caring for the environment, serving the poor, healing the sick, educating children, protecting animals, embracing diversity, etc. (see "Eligibility" section for details). 



Times available for in-studio fundraisers are Sunday - Thursday, upon availability. Classes are 2 hours long. We limit fundraisers to one or two per year per non-profit organization.


In-Studio Classes: How It Works

We normally charge $50 per person for the class, although you can set the cost higher if you ​think your supporters will pay more. You invite your contacts and advertise your event. ​Your guests then register through our website. We keep $25 per ticket sale to cover our overhead (hiring staff, supplies, etc.) and we write the organization a donation check at the end of the class for the difference per ticket. Our venue has room for 35-40 painters (depending on whether or not you need a table for refreshments or brochures), so the maximum donation possible is $1000. The harder your group works to advertise the fundraiser, the more opportunity there is to raise money!

Virtual (Zoom) Option

If you prefer a virtual fundraiser (on Zoom): we can do that, too!  For Virtual Fundraisers, the financial share is the same as the in-studio option, but you can have up to 500 guests on Zoom!!  For virtual fundraisers, please log-on 15-20 minutes early to "mingle" with your guests. The artist instructor will give you a few minutes during the class to thank everyone and to tell them a little about your organization.

Eligibility (Applies to both in-studio and virtual fundraisers)

We reserve the right to choose organizations for fundraising which best meet our businesses' values and brand. 

Organizations we fundraise for must be a 501C-3 non-profit organization (community-based rather than political or religious) in good standing with the state of CO, and share our equal opportunity philosophy.  We are not able to fundraise for individuals' causes, or religious congregations.  If you have questions about eligibility, please email Nancy at


The donation check after your event will be written to the non-profit organization itself. You must provide the organization's 501C-3 number to us in the form of a letter authorizing you to collect on their behalf. 



You can choose the painting from our gallery. We suggest something popular with most customers (we can suggest some for you). You may choose your painting here or here, or choose one you see as an upcoming event on our calendar. We will gladly help you choose your painting -- just ask! If you do not see something you like, or if you have a specific painting in mind, you can commission a new one for $100 (email us for details).


Planning Process

We find the best fundraisers are scheduled at least 4-6 weeks out as that gives you plenty of time to promote it. We will provide you with the link for your guests to register on-line through our website.  A good goal -- you should have at least 20 people signed up two weeks before the event. (See promotional tips below.) 


At one to two weeks prior to the event, we may open up the unsold seats to people with vouchers and/or previously purchased gift certificates. Since our studio does not make money on vouchers, they do not count toward your class fundraising total, but they do help fill the seats to make it a lively event. (Additional guests may also feel motivated to donate). Therefore, it is important you do all of the promoting you can early enough so you can maximize the number of seats you have for fundraising potential. 


Per our Colorado liquor license, we do not allow outside beverages. We sell beer, wine, soda, Izzies, bottled water, bottled Starbucks coffee, fresh brewed coffee, orange juice, mimosas, sangria, instant tea and light snacks.  Our prices are extremely reasonable. We do check ID and follow all CO laws regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol.


Snacks: You may bring store-bought cupcakes or prepackaged, unopened, light snacks (not a meal) like chips and salsa, veggie tray, etc. to offer your guests. Do NOT BRING anything that requires refrigeration or heating (absolutely no meat or cheese sauces!). Please ​bring enough to share with the entire class. No additional outside food may be brought in without our express permission. Please email us at to let us know what you will be bringing so we may prepare a table for you. 


Our studio is very attractive, with twinkling lights and more than 100 paintings on our gallery walls. Decorations are not really needed, but you may bring a stand-alone centerpiece for the card table or a bundle of balloons, if your event has a theme.  You will need to remove any decorations when the event is over.


Promotional Tips

Invite people early and often!  Types of invitations are listed in order of most effective to least effective: 

Personal face-to-face invitations

Personal phone call, including phone tree (ask each person you invite to invite 1 or 2 others)

Personal invitation by snail mail.

Personal text(s)

Personal email with request to forward to others who may be interested

Group text

Group email

Physical posters at the office

Facebook invitations

Newsletter invitations

Website posts


Direct people to your organization's website to donate to your group with every email communication you send -- the invitations, reminders, confirmation, thank yous, etc. Just because someone may RSVP as a no, you can still ask them for a donation directly to your website!

The Day of Your Event  (In-studio events)

Please arrive 30 minutes early to greet your guests (45 minutes if you are bringing brochures and/or additional snacks. We have a table for your use -- please ask ahead of time. A representative is encouragedto speak for no more than 2-3 minutes at the break to explain what the non-profit does and why people should donate.


We will tally things up by the end of the class. Your organization will get credit for the fundraising share of all full price tickets sold. A "hat" or basket can be passed for cash donations during the class; we will combine all same-day cash donations with your fundraising amount from admissions, and issue one check made out to the non-profit itself. You must provide to us a letter on non-profit letterhead with you stating you are a representative of the non-profit and are authorized to take the check on their behalf. That proof needs to include the 501 C-3 number for the organization.

Please remember the class is 2 hours long and all but a few minutes will be dedicated to the art class. If you want your guests to have additional time to mingle, they are encouraged to arrive when doors open, 30 minutes prior to the class start time. Additional studio time before or after the class can be negotiated for a fee.


After Your Event

Send out a group email thanking your attendees and telling those who could not make it they can still continue to donate to your organization. Provide a link to the donor page of your website.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to give back to the community! Please let us know if you have any further questions at


Nancy Cronk


Interior of studio at Sipping N' Painting Hampden in Denver
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