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For more information on Team-Building events, see our Private Events page.

We are passionate about team building.   We understand the value of team building and love to watch the experience unfold for your guests.  Most groups choose to book their event at our location, however, we are happy to discuss off-site options for your event and customizing the experience for your group.   Email us for details:


"As always, I come away from a night of Sipping N' Painting Hampden in Denver -  smiling from ear to ear. Not that I created the most amazing painting of all time but because of the atmosphere you foster. It's not threatening like all of my undergrad art courses, but fun. I can be the artist I want to be. Just me! My daughter and granddaughter had a wonderful time a couple of weeks ago. Neither of them painted the prescribed cow however, but allowed themselves the opportunity to express something other than their Wisconsin roots. That's what it's all about, paint therapy!" 

~ Anne Henning Palmer​


Can I just day THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!  My team at work has been through a lot of changes and challenges over the last six months.  So much so that we missed a Holiday celebration and the trip to Sipping and Painting Hampden was our “Holiday Event”, which we jokingly referred to as the “1/2 Christmas Celebration”.  Your class was better than any Christmas they could have had!  My team had fun, we laughed, we bonded AND we let go of everything going on at the property.  One of my team members that thought she was not creative AT ALL was so proud of her painting that she is bringing her family back at different times over the next month while she is on vacation.  At work this morning she kept thanking me for taking her and showing her she had talent to paint.  She is smiling more than I have ever seen and she is usually a sunshiny personality but you awoke something inside of her last night that makes her radiant.  You have a true and loyal fan club at The Girard at Cherry Hills. Thank you for all you do and give! 

- Maureen M

   Site Manager

   The Girard at Cherry Hills

   Formerly- Kimberly Village Apartments


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