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Sip and paint party on Zoom

About our virtual paint parties


Thank you for your interest in a VIRTUAL PRIVATE EVENT at Sipping N' Painting Hampden! 


Planning a virtual private event is easy! Tell us the date and time you would like your event. If your chosen date and time are taken, we will ask you to choose another one.  You can have as many as 100 log-on's in each class! (If you require more than 100 log-on, please let us know so we can upgrade our Zoom account to accommodate your request, which we could then host up to 500 guests.)

The on-line teaching cost for a private event is $150. The teaching cost is waived with the purchase of 20 or more kits. Painting kits are available for $20 each (including everything you need). All painting kits must be paid for when booking the event. Kits are assembled upon placement of order, and cannot be refunded once assembled. If you will be picking up your kits, please email us at to arrange a pickup time. We can ship each kit individually for an additional $15 per kit to addresses in Colorado. Please allow 7 days for us to package and mail your kits. Shipping times are 3-4 days in the Denver Metro area and up to 1 week in other parts of the state. Shipping is more ($20-$25) to mail outside of Colorado and can take up to 2 weeks to arrive in the continental United States.  


We will email you a link to your Zoom class, which you can distribute to your guests, before your event. Your class will be recorded on Zoom and posted on our YouTube channel for those who missed it if you like (your choice). For our canvas painting option, you may choose from our online gallery of approximately 500 different paintings.

***Your event day and date will be confirmed and scheduled upon receipt of a deposit of the $150 class teaching fee. The teaching fee is waived if you pay for 20 or more kits.***


When you are ready to book your Private Virtual Event, please send us the following information:
Day, date, and time requested: 

Back-up date in the event that day/date/time are not available? (We will notify you if your day/date and times are not available.)


Each $20 Canvas painting kit includes: 

  • One 12x16 white canvas.

  • 5 one-ounce cups of paint -- white, black, blue, red, and yellow (mixable to make other colors)

  • paper plate to use as a palette

  • a few napkins

  • brush set in various sizes

  • plastic container for water

  • plastic disposable apron

  • shipped in a large pizza box 

  • instructions for making pizza box into an easel 

  • Choose one painting from our website "Art Gallery" tab for step-by-step live virtual demonstration: 

We look forward to hosting your private virtual event soon!

Nancy - Owner

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