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Private event details


We offer 3 options for your special event -- an in-studio private party, a celebration during a public class, or a virtual party on Zoom!  Scroll down to see all 3 options.​

Option 1:​ In-Studio Private Event

You can rent out the whole studio for your group. It usually costs the same or more per person than the public class rate for that evening (discounted rates available before 4:30pm M-F). The exact rate depends on the day, date and time of your event. Please note our group sizes are limited during the Coronavirus pandemic. Please call for updates during pandemic.


All private events include:

  • the private use of our studio for 2 hours (more time can be negotiated for an additional fee),

  • doors open 30 minutes prior to your scheduled time for mingling and getting ready (15 minutes during pandemic)

  • a dedicated professional artist instructor,

  • fully stocked beer and wine bar with variety of nonalcoholic options,

  • you decide the painting from our gallery,

  • free parking

  • great location at I-25 and Hampden, two blocks from light rail

  • planning assistance.


Pricing: We do not charge a rental fee, but we do require a nonrefundable deposit to cover a minimum number of guests. Our studio holds up to 40 attendees (guests do not have to paint, but they should arrive on time and the price is per guest, not per painter. We can't make guests to paint, but we strongly encourage it!) . 

The exact price will depend on the day and time of your event. Generally, Friday evenings and Saturdays all day are the most expensive, and weekdays 9-4 offer the best pricing. Sundays and weekday evenings are in between. The larger the number of your guests, the better your price per person will be. For exact quotes, please email us at, and give us the day and date and time, and the approximate # of people who will attend.


We require an accurate guest count 24 hours in advance so we have enough supplies and staffing for your event. (The cost for additional guests added on the day of the event to be negotiated.)


Beverages: We sell beer, wine, Izzies, sodas, and coffee. NO OUTSIDE BEVERAGES MAY be brought in according to Colorado liquor license laws. We do check ID and follow all CO laws regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol.

Snacks: We sell a variety of light snacks at our bar for $2 per bag: chips, popcorn, trail mix, etc.


Food: We do not have a kitchen or license to prepare food. For private events only, you may bring additional pre-packaged, previously unopened, shelf-stable snacks or finger foods which are safely kept and served at room temperature (chips and salsa, cupcakes or cookies for example). If you wish to bring in a light meal (again, private events only) - sandwiches, pizza, veggie and cheese trays, etc, -- they must be catered or purchased ready-to-go from a restaurant or grocery store.  No homemade foods, crockpots, heated meat or cheese sauces, etc., may be brought in for any reason. Please let us know what you are bringing 24 hours or more in advance so that we have a table ready for your use. Please note: we do sell chips, pretzels, popcorn, trail mix, etc., for $2 per bag, at our bar.

Restaurants in the Area: We are located in a strip mall two blocks east of I25 and Hampden on the north side. There are dozens of restaurants in the area, including the Bagel Deli, Torchys, Paneras, Fire House Subs, Tazikis, etc., as well as a King Soopers with a deli. Many of our private event customers choose to use those restaurants to cater their refreshments, or they eat there first before coming in for their class.


Bar Tab Option: You may choose to pay in advance for your guests to have unlimited access to the bar, or for a limited number of drinks each (you decide and let us know which option you prefer). There is a mandatory 18% gratuity added for covered bar tabs.


​Individual Drinks Option: Your guests may purchase their beer and wine on their own when they arrive (credit cards accepted). Prices are very reasonable – beer and wine start at $5.

Reservation and Deposit: A deposit is required to reserve your date, which will then be applied to your total bill. ​We require a signed written agreement for private parties, which will detail these agreements, including registration, deposit, and payments, prepaid drinks, # of hours reserved, etc. 


If you are ready to plan your private event, simply return the agreement form to us with your credit card information. As soon as we have the form and your deposit, and your day/date and time are confirmed as available, your time slot will be saved for you and your event will be confirmed. 




Option 2:​ In-Studio Group Discount during PUBLIC Class Times


Only $30 per person. Less expensive than posted public class rates, but "the catch" is you share the room with the public.


Every class, someone is celebrating something -- birthdays, anniversaries, engagements... you name it!

How to Register: Choose a public class from our website calendar. You can register your entire group under one name through the website with your own credit card, OR, you can also ask each guest to register on their own. Keep in mind our classes often sell out, so encourage each person registering separately to REGISTER EARLY. We do not accept reservations without payment and we do not reserve seating. Each party must arrive 30 minutes early to choose seats for your group (15 minutes during pandemic).


Group Discount: We offer a low price of only $30 per class to groups of people who register everyone together more than two weeks in advance, online through our website. The minimum number of people ordering together for this discount is 4. Use the promo code "thirty" when you register on-line, through our website, to get this group discount. Group discount is only good for public events. Unfortunately, we cannot offer the discount for Bob Ross classes, fundraisers, paint-your-pet or private events.


If you are coming with a group, whether you register separately, or all at once to get the group discount, please be sure to REGISTER EARLY. Weekend classes often sell out early in the week. There is nothing sadder to us then seeing parties split up because some of the guests waited too long to register and the class was sold out.  Also, be sure to arrive 30 minutes early to get your seats together!


Snacks: We do not have a kitchen or license to prepare food.  You may bring pre-packaged, previously unopened, shelf-stable snacks (not a meal!) which are safely kept and served at room temperature (chips, cupcakes or cookies for example).. Please bring enough for the entire class (our studio holds 35-40 people total, max). No additional outside food may be brought in without our express permission in advance. Please email us at to let us know what you will be bringing so we may prepare a table for you. Please note: since the Coronavirus pandemic, we no longer offer complimentary light snacks in community jars. 


Option 3: Virtual On-line Private Events on Zoom:

Email us at hampdensipnpaint @ when you are ready to schedule your event. We normally do evening classes at 6pm or 6:30pm any evening. As long as there are not currently people signed up for the date and time you would like, we will confirm. Specific Saturday and Sunday daytime times can be requested and will likely be available.  If that date and time are taken, we will ask you to choose another one.


The teaching cost for a private event is $150.  The teaching cost will be waived with the pre-paid purchase of 20 or more take-home painting kits (value of each kit is $​25). Each additional painting kit is $​25. You will need to come to the studio to pick up your kits during our studio retail hours from 3-6pm M-F. You may pick them up all at once, or have your guests come in and pick them up separately. (We can ship each kit individually for an additional $15 per kit to addresses in Colorado. It is a little more to ship out of state.)


Each $​25 painting kit includes: 

  • One 1​2x16 white canvas. ​

  • 5 one-ounce containers of paint -- white, black, blue, red and yellow

  • ​napkins

  • set of brushes

  • plastic cup for water

  • plastic disposable apron

  • cardboard pizza box which ​can be used as an easel

Choose a painting from our website "Art Gallery" tab.

We will email you a link to your Zoom class, which you can distribute to your guests, prior to your event. Your class will be recorded on Zoom, and posted on our YouTube channel for those who missed it, if you like (your choice).

Your event day and date will be confirmed and scheduled upon receipt of a deposit of​ the $150 class teaching fee. Teaching fee is waived if you pre-pay for 20 or more kits.​

If you are ready to book your Private Virtual Event, please send us the following information:
Day, Date and Time Requested:
Painting You Would Like:
How Many Attendees:

Organizers Name:
Organizers Phone #:

We look forward to hosting your private event soon!


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