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About our Bob Ross Classes

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

The new Netflix documentary about the Bob Ross company (BRI) has raised some interesting questions about the Joy of Painting. In response to some of the questions we are receiving, here is some useful information for our painting students, who take classes with Independent Certified Bob Ross Instructor, Nancy Cronk. Certified Ross Instructors are not employees of the Bob Ross company (BRI), nor do class fees go to BRI. Instructors are certified with a curriculum that Bob designed himself in 1986. The techniques we teach are consistent with what Bob taught himself. Although BRI supplies are used in class, we do not sell them and we do not "push" anyone to buy anything from BRI. Our goal is to give you the knowledge, the skills and the confidence you need to experience the Joy of Painting for yourself! Nancy Cronk, CRI

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