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What is a "paint and sip"?

Updated: May 29

A "paint and sip", sometimes called a "sip and paint", is an art class for beginning acrylic painters, where alcoholic beverages are also for sale. Acrylic paint is used because it is very beginner-friendly, drying in as little as ten minutes. Most paint and sip classes are about two hours long, and are perfect for beginning artists to dabble in the arts while enjoying time with friends and family. Most paint and sip studios play music and have a light-hearted, fun, often silly atmosphere. Paint and sip teachers are as much entertainers as they are instructors, making the class fun and laid-back. Stakes are low, and encouragement flows like wine. A common phrase heard to describe paint and sips is that they are not for creating fine art, but for creating "fun art". Paint and sip classes are perfect for date night, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, graduation celebrations, and "ladies night out". Many paint and sips also offer children's classes and summer day camps for kids. At Sipping N' Painting Hampden, we also teach a variety of other classes on occasion, including Certified Bob Ross® oil painting classes, watercolor workshops and "Paint Your Pet" classes. What are you waiting for? Come on in for a great time and to find your inner "Bob Ross®" or Michaelangelo!

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