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How We Have Prepared to Keep You Safe from COVID19

Updated: May 29

Hi Everyone,

We love our staff and our customers and we are committed to helping you stay safe and healthy! Here's what we're doing to keep the studio clean and sanitary for you:

Smaller Classes -- we cut our maximum class size in half so we can spread out more around the room. Class sizes are smaller, so you will get ample one-on-one teaching instruction. We use disinfectant spray on the tables and easels and elsewhere in the studio after every class. We have discontinued serving shared snacks, but we have some individually wrapped ones behind the bar. Just ask! Our employees have been instructed on public health precautions, and they have all vowed to never come to work sick.

Studies have shown creative hobbies lower depression and help your immune system. Come in and join us for a relaxing, smaller class to take your mind off your worries! If anything changes, we will let our customers know immediately. Check out this week's classes below. And yes, we have toilet paper and hand sanitizer. ;-) "Cheers!" Your hosts, Nancy and Saul

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