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Create a Sipping and Painting Gallery on your own wall at home!

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Our customers proudly show us photos of the paintings they've done with us all the time! Whether they're displayed on a living room wall, a basement wall, or a bedroom wall, many families show us how their art reminds them of special times together. We love seeing how they are displayed in creative ways!

One of our customer has a gallery wall at work! His coworkers come in together every year for team-building, and when they get back to work, they hang all of their art! Another customer created a family art wall at home and has each piece labeled with the family member's year and date. People who look at the wall can see how the children's abilities have grown over time!

A third customer comes in every year with her husband on their anniversary. The tradition started when their first date was at a paint and sip studio, and continued when he proposed to her while painting!

Send us a photo of all of the sipping and painting masterpieces you have painted over the years, on one wall. We will choose a winner and give them a night at our studio for two (admissions plus a bottle of wine and chocolates). Contest ends 2/28/2020 Ready, go! Email them to


Nancy 📷

Couple on date night holiding their sip and paint paintings
Date night couple shows off their Sipping N' Painting Hampden art

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Oct 15, 2020

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