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Creating New Art Every Week

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

You'll never have to worry about things "getting old" at Sipping N' Painting Hampden. We have more than 500 paintings in our gallery, and we rotate paintings every season. Our team of local Denver artists create new art every week of the year. We are constantly creating new art as trends and tastes change! And tastes do change! When I bought the studio 4.5 years ago, a number of our paintings had earthtones and deep red colors in them. Over time, the popular paintings had colors which were cooler and more neutral, matching the trends in home decor . Today, we are seeing a trend in brighter colors of pinks and bright blues. Tomorrow.... who knows? Composition trends also change. During our studio's early years, still lifes and cute little animals and birds sold in a big way! After that, anything with a Colorado flag seemed to fill up seats in our classes! Today, Bob Ross landscapes are a huge hit! We are only sip and paint studio in Colorado that teaches Certified Bob Ross classes several times each month! You can choose between 4 sizes of canvasses for no extra charge, or opt instead for a wooden pallet board for only $10 more (pay at the bar for the board). In addition to teaching our regular "Paint Wine Denver" acrylic classes, we have monthly watercolor workshops, Paint Your Pet, Bob Ross oils classes, and special events. For example, over the winter holidays, we make ornaments and have a fun open house for families. Sometimes we take our paintings out and splatter them, while other times, we might pour paint on canvasses! In every class, you have the option of following along with the teacher, or creating your own unique work of art on your own! For our available classes, please visit our calendar at

There is never a dull moment at Sipping N' Painting Hampden! Please come in and paint with us! Cheers!

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